The Promise of the Resurrection - Maybe It's Not What You Think

Anyone who has ever heard me talk about theology will likely know that I love the resurrection. Like, really love it. Like, it's central to the way that I think about life and faith and just about everything else. When we're interviewing ministry candidates on the floor of Presbytery, one of my favorite questions to ask is: what does the resurrection mean to you and how does it intersect with your life? It's theology that I use a lot in pastoral care, too - though rarely without also talking about the tomb as well. It's too easy to jump to Easter without paying attention to Good Friday and Holy Saturday. To be clear, these pastoral conversations are almost never about literal, physical d

A Letter of Encouragement to LGBTQ Seminarians

Perusing Facebook earlier this week, I was disturbed (though not altogether surprised) to find several posts about some nasty goings-on at Princeton Theological Seminary - my alma mater. Openly LGBTQ+ students, some of whom were in their first week on campus, were receiving threatening emails from an anonymous account that employed both weaponized scripture and shaming language. Just reading the Facebook posts, I felt unsafe - though I am miles and years away from PTS. I can only imagine the range of emotions running through the LGBTQ+ community at seminary. I graduated in 2012. When I was a seminarian, I wasn't yet out - and I didn't feel like PTS was a place where I could explore what

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