The Flood You Didn't Hear About

By Monday morning friends from across the country were checking in with me on Facebook. "We saw the news about Ellicott City - that's near you, right? We just wanted to make sure you were okay." I assured them we were - our buildings got wet, yes, but we were relatively lucky. What struck me was how fast the news had traveled of the devastation in Howard County. Everyone had seen footage of the floodwaters washing cars down Main Street, pounding through store fronts, and pummeling a city just recovered from flooding two years ago. I had seen the footage too - surfing the news online, reading the Sun, and checking out Instagram - both of Ellicott City and Catonsville/Oella. But it was f

Our Kids Deserve Better

When I was a little kid walking the streets of Philadelphia with my parents, I remember keeping my eyes down on the sidewalk. I'd learned that rhyme that kids say, "step on a crack, and you'll break your mother's back," but that wasn't why I kept my gaze on the ground. Instead, it was about smell. Every so often, you'd step over a manhole cover or a grate that stank of sewer. It was a damp, clogged-toilet kind of smell, and I hated it. Every time I caught a whiff of that malodorous subterranean air, my throat would tighten and my stomach would heave. So I learned to look down and keep my distance - it wasn't a surefire solution but it did help. This past Tuesday, I sat with one of our

The Annoying Power of Prayer

It was one of those rare Saturday mornings when Lauren managed to persuade me that breakfast out might be more fun than quiet introvert time. We found ourselves in a quiet corner of Panera, thoroughly enjoying a bagel and eggs. I was just beginning to think that maybe this wasn't such a bad idea when I heard them - the group of men studying the Bible a couple of tables away. "The Bible says that God's in charge, so we just have to trust that God's making all of this happen for a reason." Like nails on a chalkboard, the hurtful theology made my skin crawl. Why do we propagate such damaging notions about God as if they were the cure for all of our ills? God's sovereignty does not mean that

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