An Open Letter of Pastoral Concern to Conservative Evangelical Christians

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ, Just last week I had the privilege of sitting down to dinner with one of your daughters - and her fiancée. We were meeting to plan their wedding, and the conversation was filled with excitement, laughter...and some tears. Tears because most of this woman's family - including her mother - and several close friends from childhood and a campus Christian fellowship group from college have already said that they will not be attending the wedding. Before you close this, thinking that it's another blog-post trying to convince you to change your beliefs, please know that it's not. While we disagree, I'm not going to try to move you from your position on the si

Snow-Day Sabbath

As I sit in my kitchen on the second day of spring, snow is falling with all of the force of a torrential rainstorm. Four inches of white fluff stand on the deck rail and along the back of our patio chairs as if the furniture were trying to build snow-walls to keep the recently-returned robins out. The ivy growing on our tallest tree and the long needles of the fir trees by the road seem spray-frosted; so picture perfect they look artificial. Thirty minutes ago the telltale, jubilant shrieks of neighborhood children interrupted the work that I was trying to get finished (admittedly half-heartedly). They were sledding down the hill behind the church for the first time this season, and with

Bad Christian Blogging

I am a writer. I've been a writer since I was a little girl printing out stories on my grandfather's old printer, the kind that used a roll of paper so you had to tear apart the pages and rip off the edges. Then it was stories of bunnies in the deep, dark forest and kids falling into fantasy kingdoms. Now it's a sermon a week and an article six times a year and the occasional piece for a periodical. But there's also a novel. It's been percolating since I was nine, gone through three drafts, and the deaths of countless characters - and I want to get it published. I know the steps. I know the technical process for submitting a manuscript (at least in theory). But everyone tells me that t

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